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Do you cast minors?

No. Due to the subject and process of casting I do not cast minors in the /200 project even with parental consent. Minors are welcome to come to shows and pop ups. This does not mean your experience is invalid it is purely due to the legality and comfort of the casting process. 

Do you travel
with the project?

Yes! I travel frequently with the /200 project. I hope for this to be a lifetime pursuit. As of right now I follow routes from West Palm to Brooklyn and Chattanooga to Denver. Keep an eye out on my Instagram to keep up with where I'll be. 

Do you cast

Yes. This is one of my number one questions. There are many men cast in this installation. It is for survivors as a whole- not one gender.

Can I be cast before or after top surgery?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to use this project for whatever they find healing. As long as your scars are healed you are welcome to sign up. 

Can I be cast if I am not a survivor?

Yes! Even if this wall was just people saying "I believe you." it would have equal impact. Your support of survivors is valuable. 

How can I get a
self casting kit?

Self casting kits go on sale once a month (during the first week of each month). Only 10-15 are made per month so stay tuned and you could get one too!

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