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Self Cast Instructions

Thank you all so much for your investment and contribution to /200. Casting myself was so healing it led me to include over 1,050 others. I hope that the process of casting yourself offers you the same peace and empowerment it has for me. Since I am not able to give you the /200 affirmation in person I will leave it here for you: you are one of a multitude of survivors who believe, receive, and respect you. As you take off the cast leave whatever you need. 

First things first choose where you would like to cast yourself and cover the floor with the plastic sheet. Follow the directions below for detailed instructions and lets do this thing!


Get Ready for the Dust!

Step 1. Fill a bowl with warm water and place it on a surface that can be wiped down easily. Place the plaster in your Self Cast Kit close to the bowl but do not get any of the sheets wet until you are ready to apply them. If any plaster gets wet before it is ready to be used you will not be able to use those sheets. This material dries quickly!


Step 2. Using the silver tin in the package spread a generous layer of coconut oil on the area you will be casting. Keep in mind as you start casting yourself the cast will shift or wrinkle as you move your arms. It's best to cast one side of your chest if you are doing this on your own or to have a partner help if you are doing your whole chest. 

Step 3. Once you have applied oil, cut sheets, and prepared water you are ready to start casting! Start by dipping a plaster sheet in the bowl of water. Apply the wrap over your nipple first and smooth by rubbing your hand over the plaster. Try to place sheets along with the curves of your body (place sheets horizontally on your chest and stomach area). 

Pro Tip: You can create a paste in your hand as you cast with the left over dust from the wrap. This will result in a smoother final cast.  

Step 4. Apply two to three layers of wrap to make the cast strong. Tap on the cast once the area you want to cover is finished. Make sure the edges are completely hardened before removing. 

Step 5. Wiggle your fingers around the perimeter of the cast to loosen it if it is not already loose. Once you remove the cast (depending on your body type) place a the cast on round object (like a water bottle, wine bottle, etc) for it to finish drying overnight. 

Step 6. The next day once your cast is completely dried you can hang it! Command strips do not stick to the plaster so you can hang this by hot gluing wire to the back of the cast or by nailing it directly on the wall. 

Congrats on your self cast! Feel free to ask Ali any questions by texting (912)655-4398. 

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